Sunday, September 8, 2013

Anti-War Sentiment

Well, you can describe blow-back against decades of imperialism in the Middle East and adjacent areas as an unprovoked attack based
on a medieval hatred for your freedoms.

You can invade a country and kill anywhere from 50,000 to a million people (they couldn't be bothered to keep track) because they wouldn't turn over a suspect in the terrorist attack unless evidence of his guilt was produced. You can then impose a super-corrupt, oppressive government on that country's people and blame all resistance against it as being part of an evil conspiracy.

You can then attack a country with nothing to do with the original terrorist attack and cause the deaths of over a million people, through violence, sectarian warfare, civil war, torture and mutilation.

You can back dictators against their people in the "Arab Spring." Except for one dictator who you don't 100% control. Then, you can arm and train the same terrorists who are supposedly your worst existential enemy to topple that dictator and thereby bring down a nightmare of gangsterism and chaos upon that dictator's country.

But it now appears that the imperialist elites' bringing up the same old bullshit about WMDs and humanitarian intervention and the need to subsidize cannibalistic Al Qaeda fanatics in Syria has brought the world to the boiling point.

More people are catching-up with us on the lying nature of US-American elites' concern for world peace and human rights.

This video kept pausing on me but I think it'll be a good one:


Anonymous said...

I most sincerely hope that "they" don't come after this courageous lady for posting that clip where all the sociopaths who call themselves "patriots" in 'murka have the right to murder anyone who disagrees with their pathologies.
I almost wish she'd move here so we could run her against harper, trudeau and mulcair in the next federal election. Boy, would she be something to behold if she got elected!

thwap said...

Well, ... her sympathies for "conspiracy theorists" (don't know how sarcastic she was being) and her fascination with helicopters were a little troubling.

But if she does turn out to be a little crazy, the fact of the matter is that Obama fans are even worse.

Enough of what she says is valid that I'll keep it up.