Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Miley Cyrus, Rob Ford and Skyler White

I was FRONT PAGE NEWS that 20-year old pop super-vixen Miley Cyrus and her fiance Liam Hemsworth have definitely called it Quitsville. I'm not sure of the reasons for the split, but it was a long time coming. Also, the bungling Obama's attempts to start World War III appear to be stuttering to a halt; the hunger-strike in California prisons is over, teachers are being clubbed by riot police in Mexico City, global warming, financial system tottering ... but on the front page of newspapers is the denouement of the wedding plans of two celebrities.

Despite his aides tweeting (on "Twitter" 'natch!) that he'd be there for a mural unveiling, crack-cocaine abusing Toronto mayor Rob Ford was a no-show. It was a "scheduling issue" apparently. An unscheduled hang-over is more like it. Like the big blob of incompetence didn't even wake up until 10 am (the time of the scheduled event) and was capable of nothing more but puking all over himself before dragging his ass to the medicine cabinet for some headache pills.

Finally, ... There's lots of hate on the intertoobz for television character "Skyler White" (played by Anna Gunn) on the fictional television story "Breaking Bad." For those of you not in the know, Skyler is the wife of Walter, an underpaid high school chemistry teacher who finds he has lung cancer and in desperation, begins cooking and selling crystal meth to try to put money away for his family after his death.

Walter's plans go bad from the very beginning and his secret life as a meth cook/gangster begins to take up more and more of his life. Skyler goes from being suspicious, to angry, to frightened, to unwilling accomplice, and always a thorn in Walt's attempts to hermetically seal off his two lives from each other. Throughout this process, a lot of viewers have decided that Skyler is a big pain in the ass who should be killed.

If you google "hate skyler white" you'll get lots of analysis of this phenomenon, but here's my take: Because of the excellent writing and acting, viewers are led to sympathize with Walter White, at least somewhat, and at least in the early seasons. Some people, forgetting that it's all fiction, or forgetting the simple fact that Skyler's character isn't privy to all the sufferings and traumas endured by Walter's character, see her as being unreasonably unsympathetic to the poor guy. Skyler's character doesn't watch all the scenes that we do. That's the whole point.

Also, what Skyler does to try to protect her family, is to try to divorce him and lock him out of his own house and keep him away from his kids. (She also has an affair with her boss.) This part, I could see some men being uncomfortable with. While it's true that men have dragged women through the shit since time immemorial, it's also an undeniable fact that some women have taken the steps to equalize justice in family law to maliciously devastate hapless men. Watching the painful battle between Walter and Skyler at this point is going to twing the heart-strings of some men taken to the cleaners by ex-wives, despite the fact that these two fictional characters are inhabiting quite a different context.

Finally, and at the root of it all, is plain old sexism. Skyler inhabits the traditional role of stay-at-home mother. (At least until she takes a job which Walt chooses to see as emasculating him.) She's not doing all the awesome crimelord-problem-solving-action-shoot-outs and stuff her husband is doing. She's trying to protect herself and her children from whatever the hell it is that Walter is doing. That isn't as sexy. You couldn't make as outrageous a show from this story based on Skyler White's perception. But her choices would make more sense if the (most definitely overwhelmingly male) haters could just get over the fact that she's a woman. But since she is a woman, she's a stupid bitch who should STFU and get out of the fucking way and make them a sandwich and give them a blow-job while she's at it and ha-ha! aren't we funny for talking this way about the stupid ho's?

It's not funny and you're fucking morons.

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