Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Thoroughly Depressing State of Canadian Democracy

Both the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party have presided over the torture of Canadian citizens. Torture was widespread in Afghanistan. Everyone knows this. But the thing about crimes against humanity (it appears) is that they're not really that big a deal. It seems that you can even witness a brutal murder, but if nobody does anything about it, after a while you start to force yourself to live with it.

It's only the people who were tortured, and their loved ones, who have a vested interest in seeing that justice is done. The supreme dick-wad, stephen harper, continues to fight, every step of the way, the efforts of Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin, to obtain compensation for their extended torture-by-proxy in Syria and Egypt. CSIS questions were put to Canadian citizens by Syrian torturers.

If only for that bit of scuzzery, stephen harper should be treated as a criminal by our leading media and political lights. But no, besides being a torturer, he's been convicted of contempt of Parliament and everybody (except for shit-eating harpercon hacks and similar sorts of human garbage) knows that it was his party that orchestrated the vile election law violations in the 2011 federal election.

But we continue to treat this monster as just another politician.

We aren't in the streets SERIOUSLY attempting to say "No!" to this criminal. Our politicians are continuing to play the game. There's no concerted effort (because there's no genuine appreciation of the significance of his crimes) on the part of our political representatives to unite against him.

The NDP has turned neo-liberal under Thomas Mulcair. The NDP across the country has turned into just another sleazy gang of opportunists and corporate boot-lickers.

The left is hopeless. 

Power at the federal level is going to be based on a beauty contest it seems, with the vacuous male model, Justin Trudeau competing for undecided voters with stephen harper, who will be solidly supported by his dullard, toilet-bowel-licking hypocrites and rapists.

The whole stupid contraption will roll along, with little explosions and wheezes. And there's nothing I can do about it.


Anonymous said...

Poor little shit stain, laughed out of rabble, bread and roses, the NDP, homes not bombs and now even enmasse.

Really Thwap, that is a very impressive record!

thwap said...

As always, you remain utterly incapable of justifying your scorn for me.

Tell me something, do you ever realize your own total incapacity? If so, does it cause you pain?

Personally, I think it's more the case that you traipse merrily along, oblivious to the all-encompassing stupidity of your existence. Indeed, these words that I'm typing will never be properly processed by you.

I've written before about how sickeningly insect-like your thought processes must be.

Seriously. It's the same thing as if I entered a room and saw what looked like a human being, but when I tried to converse with it, it could only make strange chittering noises and look wildly around at nothing in particular.

Anonymous said...

And yet you still answer because I am only person who even bothers to post here anymore! Hahaha, I guess you are writing solely for my amusement now! LOL

thwap said...


That's true. So I've got plenty of time to try and see if you'd ever have the courage to try to actually express an idea, rather than your usual asinine attempts at insult.

Once again, you cleverly refuse to take the bait. Because you don't really have ideas. Just brutish impulses.

thwap said...

Perhaps I'll put my request for you to stand and deliver on something of substance in terms you're more likely to understand:



thwap said...

You got nothing.

janfromthebruce said...

Hi thwap, hope all is well with you. Jan

thwap said...

Hi Jan,

No, all is not well with me. But I'm surviving.

Thanks for stopping by.