Sunday, September 22, 2013

No Vision

What does the opposition stand for? Free pot (maybe)? The environment? (Elizabeth May will need more friends then.)

We're supposed to vote without knowing anything.


Anonymous said...

You just have to close your eyes, click your heels together three times and say "there's no place like home" and all will be revealed. If that doesn't work, drop back ten yards and punt. If that still doesn't work, get yourself a button that says "who knows, who cares, why bother" because that is the prevailing attitude of the so-called "progressive" in Canada these days. The cons are going to tear their heads off in the next election also because they are like pitbulls and we are like driftwood.
Fuck it! Time to go out and drink 18 or so beers and bitch about harper. See ya!

thwap said...


That's about the size of it. "Who knows, who cares, why bother?" has almost become my motto.

When online progressive discussants can't even agree on the bare minimum of WHAT TO DO (as opposed to WHAT IS WRONG), then what's the point.

Larger forces (environmental, economic, technological) are going to have to blindly guide blind humanity towards a different form of social organization.

We are incapable of doing it ourselves. (By "we" i mean the better sort of humanity, like us, who act as our species' rational conscience.) Our elites, meanwhile, will lead us to ruin.