Tuesday, November 20, 2007

British Leave, Violence Drops

Haven't seen much mention of this, from firedoglake.com.

About the only real reason to keep US troops in Iraq has been the understandable worry that, as bad as things are right now, withdrawing our troops will only make things worse for the Iraqi people.

Well, the Brits have had their troops out of Basra for two and a half months now — and guess what? The violence level’s dropped by 90%. That’s right, Ninety Friggin’ Percent:

There's also a story about mainstream cable-news pundit Chris Matthews and how he's an idiot. I don't watch much of any television news, let along USian news. I only know about Chris Matthews from what I see on crooksandliars.com. But Matthews appears to be a supremely vapid personality, and the epitome of the sort of telegenic airhead that the corporate propaganda system promotes. Matthews doesn't have to censor himself, or reign-in his critical faculties and isolated radical beliefs. Matthews doesn't have any critical faculties or isolated bits of ideological purity. Matthews can pontificate at length and never threaten anybody of substance in the system because such ideas never occur to him. That's why he can condemn the war in Iraq while at the same time mock anti-war protestors and work himself up to an erection about bush II's manliness.


Dan said...

One wonders to what extent violence is dropping there because most areas have now been ethnically "cleansed" (a wretched term). I know that Basra was already mostly Shi'a, but still, I wonder if that's what has happened.

thwap said...

It appears to have been attacks on British troops, and British attacks on insurgents that was behind the violence.

The whole article, and subsequent links provide lots of interesting facts and analysis.