Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Practical Hypocrisy? Probably Not. Part II

Slightly related to this immediately preceding post, is one now permantly banned commentator "abu-abu-asshat" who, in this thread about good kids and bad kids, asserted that I have anger-management problems because I hurled insults at Florida teenagers who harrassed a group of fellow students who wanted to celebrate the blessings of peace. Some of them drew swatiskas or wrote "white power" on the peace club's posters, and one useless turd went so far as to write the following un-charming statement on a poster of its own, which it used to replace a pro-peace poster:

"I love America because America loves war."

Abu-abu-asshat wrote comment after comment, asserting that my scorn for these war-mongers was evidence of insanity because I used nasty words to describe them. I tried and I tried to get some sort of sustained, coherent statement out of the asshat, to show why such people shouldn't be derided in the strongest terms possible. Why should we maintain some level of dignified discourse when it comes to discussing them?

Alas, the most that I can make of it is that abu-asshat objects to foul language and that's that.

Which prompted me to write this post. I wondered this morning if asshat was being cynical. Simply posting insulting assertions about my mental health in order to waste my time, and perhaps to infuriate me, an on-line leftist, and therefore an enemy in the "culture war." But it now occurs to me that asshat really does object to cuss-words, and, furthermore, that asshat probably sympathizes with the war-mongers (who will, if recent history is any guide, not sign-up for the war that they claim to love so much, allowing others to fight and suffer and die on their behalf).

In short: Asshat is not "evil," but "stupid." (Obviously, they're not mutually exclusive terms. Asshat's "evil" arises out of the positions that it takes out of stupidity.)

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