Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Destructive Harper

Sean in Saskatchewan has decided to compile a list of Harper's cuts to programs, institutions, and studies integral to Canadians' national values.

Indeed. Due to a number of fragile circumstances, Canada is a different political culture from the US. A far less debased, cruel, and stupid one. (This is not a slight against ordinary Americans. Half of them are so sickened by their political culture that they do not bother to vote, and much of the Democratic Party's rank-and-file are furious at their leaders' corruption, weakness, and dithering.)

But Harper, and the Conservative Party of Canada, supported by a loud, stupid minority, unrepresentative of the average Canadian, are working to to destroy this political culture and transform it into the shambling horror south of our border.


kerry said...

Canada's national identity is not as fragile as you make it out to be, and government programs are hardly the salient factor determining our nation's values.

You give Harper too much credit and Canadians not enough.

thwap said...

Well, Harper's bellicosity in Afghanistan, his blatant abandoning of Canada's diplomatic stance on Israel-Palestine, and the recent thuggery in our national and international policing without even a hint of decency, ... these are affecting Canada's reputation and who we think we are.

And while I don't believe government is everything, government programs like our health care system are a big part of our identity. Much that we say makes us a caring society is publicly funded and managed.

And these are the things that Harper is attacking.

Sorry for the late publishing and reply.