Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Post

For the record, I don't want any government, of any political stripe spying on me. That doesn't appear to be something that many right-wingers can say.


Diane Demorney said...

Oh come on, thwap! If you've got nothing to hide, etc. etc.

/wingnut response.


thwap said...

And don't it turn out to be the case that a lot of them have something to hide?

Funny that 'eh?

The people who believe in sexual freedom and honesty aren't as vulnerable, but we're the ones most concerned with government bureaucrats nosing into everyone's business.

trog69 said...

When the battle lines are drawn over silencing dissent over the internet, we'll see then who's vulnerable.

thwap said...

I wonder how that "two-tier" internet thing is going?

This article wasn't what I was looking for, but it says some scary stuff just the same:

"The CRTC also has to take the plunge and start seriously monitoring the Internet, adds UDA spokeswoman Anne-Marie Des Roches: 'The Internet is a broadcaster. It's time for it to be regulated. It's becoming more and more of an important player in providing content.'"

trog69 said...

Good evening, thwap. (I gotta laugh, typing thwap. It sounds like some goofy name I'd append to my fighter/warrior on a rpg. My most recent is named "GobbleDSnot".)

Scary stuff, indeed. Inevitable, of course. There's no way that the one's trying to hold on to power, would allow the internet free rein to say things that contradict the propaganda. They'll never stop trying to silence it...they have to. They think we 'can't handle the truth'.

Glenn Greenwald, in Salon has been just layin' the wood to those in the MSM. He's been at it for a few years now, but it seems the last few months have been particularly fruitful for him. Joe Klein's whole sordid Dem-bashing with false data has been layed out in all it's glory by many blogs on the left, due to his analysis. And the National Reviews' Thomas Smith was excoriated on Michelle Malkins' site, also courtesy of GG, for making up facts to incite "Israel Defense" as a cause for war. So, all we need is about 2 million more Greenwalds, and 10 or 20 million more sites like this one, to counteract the sewage being pumped out by douchenozzles.

thwap said...


As a youth I played a computer game with two friends of mine and our handles were "Wimp," "Twerp," and "Klingon." I was "Twerp." "thwap" came about as a failed attempt to quickly type "Twerp" and I decided to stay with it.

I have an idea about neutralizing corporate power, both in the media and everywhere else, through democratization of work.

In the case of newspapers, governments could give grants based on area readership and the editorial board would be composed of one-third management/editors, one-third journalists, and one-third reader representatives.

But I also think that the left on the internet will have an influence out of all proportion to our reach, because we tend to be right all the time, basing our arguments on facts and arguments and they base theirs on lies, irrelevancies, delusions, and clueless rage.

trog69 said...

As a YOUTH?! I'm gettin' ready to play Titan Quest right after lunch; I dunno how old you are, but it can't be much older than me...the grandchildren call me Papa! Hah!

I agree that newspapers/news programs should have some type of 'reader's advocate' system, paid for, and accountable to entities outside the Editor's reach. Our news today should not be a profit-driven exercise. What we have today proves that. I sure as hell would rather pay to subsidize that, than to pay one more penny to Big Oil!

as to the Left owning the Intertubes, I was under the same impression as you until I saw some of the results of the latest "Blogging Awards" thingy. My computer nerdy friend says that the voting is too easy to rig to be believable, but then, how come progressive blogs can't figger out how to do the same thing? I'm scared...please hold me.

thwap said...

It's either the case that the right-wing blogs and their readers spend more time "freeping" online polls than they do reflecting about how dismally stupid they are, or, they really do outnumber left activists, in the same way that these no-life losers propelled ugly, stupid liar Rush to the top of the charts.

But either way, the leftists are making an impact, out of any proportion to our actual numbers.

The game was called "Erland" but an internet search doesn't appear to be too helpful.