Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Practical Hypocrisy? Probably Not.

I was just thinking; the fascist thugs (examples of which troll my blog from time to time) are generally quite blah-zay about the violations of the civil rights of leftist protestors, and ordinary citizens in general (so long as it's right-wing governments doing the spying and tasering) but we know that they'd howl like copulating cats if a left-wing government did to them what happens to us.

And then I wondered; are these clowns actually being smart? Are their blatant double-standards merely a tactical decision? Are they cognizant that there is a war going on, a "culture" or "ideological" war and that all's fair in love and war, as the saying goes?

Then I thought, nahh. They're just hypocritical morons who have no idea how stupid they sound. And what convinces me that their hypocrisy is genuine rather than cynical tactics is that these dumbkoffs are themselves victimized by their own political masters. Working-class shlubs without the brains to know who their real enemies are, and lacking the courage to go after their powerful exploiters even if they could figure out how they're being cheated. Religious dupes at war with themselves and by extension everyone else who won't conform to their narrow, superstitious morality. Wanna-be tycoons who will never get a foot in the door, but live vicariously through their simplistic business ("bizness") books and their Ayn Rand fantasies.

So, in the end, they're just stupid.


Abuabasabat said...

Project much?

thwap said...

Why do you ask?

Abuabasabat said...

You seem to project ... much.

thwap said...

How so?

Abuabasabat said...

By laying your feelings of yourself onto others. Simple. Weak-minded people do it all the time.

thwap said...

And can you establish that I'm doing this? I mean besides merely asserting it again and again?

BTW: I'll explain why I'm playing with you. You obviously think that I'm an idiot and that you aren't. But so far all you seem capable of is empty baiting.

I'd like to draw you out and actually get you to say something.

Abuabasabat said...

I don't think you're an idiot, Thwap.

trog69 said...

Man I really mess up by not coming by here more often. I would like very much to debate this, as I'm quite sure that the presented here is agreed on by a great many of us on the left. How else should we think, when we hear people's disdain for unions sounds like their boss is doing ventriloquism? Let's not even start on the Republican transfer of power over to religious fanatics who can't seem to get their minds around Evolution. Yeah, I guess sayin' "Goddidit" is SOOO much easier than crap like 'science stuff' to learn, huh?

thwap said...

Well, there are people on the right-wing who say it's not even worth it to debate with the stupid leftists.

Just as I'm becoming more and more (sadly) resigned that there's no point in debating with dishonest morons on the right.

Although, something, perhaps the complete discrediting of the entire movement symbolized by bush II, and perhaps that together with the proliferation of internet debate, is starting to produce some limited openings in the US political culture.

Although they're still incoherent liberals, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, and others are getting not-batshit crazy ideas before the American people. A few years earlier, Phil Donohue's highly-rated show was cancelled by his network for being politically incorrect.

Glenn Greenwald appears inexplicably capable of getting the major media to respond to his articulate deconstructions of their lies and double-standards.

(I say "inexplicably" because others have presented effective revelations of obvious media lies and incompetence before, yet Greenwald has been able to make the punditocracy squirm, and spew out their laughable justifications that only bury them deeper.)

So, it appears that continuing to debate might have some pay-off in the political-culture wars.

And for my part, while some object, I've decided to use scorn and invective and insults towards the right-wing, TOGETHER WITH the necessary facts and arguments that render their positions so deservedly contemptible.

Right-wing radio, and the cowardly bullies who patronize it have done a good job of shaming rational, humanitarian values into the shadows using such methods, to the extent that even many lefties believe that the right-wing has the brains, while they have the heart.

I'd like it to be the case that someone who thinks that their god made them gay to tempt them into choosing ever-lasting torture, and that we should all worship the Bible as eternal, immutable truth, except for its numerous condemnations of the wealthy, and etc., ... or people who believe that they deserve a tax-cut even though families with young children are freezing on the winter streets, ... I would want those people to feel they should think twice before blurting out something in the lunch room or calling up talk radio.

trog69 said...

I sang the praises of Glenn the G-man in another thread here, obviously before reading this one. I'm trying desperately to find hope in whatever small doses I can cop, because the debate doesn't begin until the bullshit is dispensed with. The "Serious People" leading this country have been anything but serious about finding solutions to very serious problems unless you're in a position where most of these problems are not your's; Oh boy, do you get the help you need then...and how!

I like the way you think debate should be delivered...if yer gonna fling the horseshit back at them, why not put a rock or two in it first?

trog69 said...

As to Talk Radio, the left can't compete with the balls to the wall reactionary propaganda; Every day, for the most part, these right-wing loony bins spew out lies with whatever will fuel outrage in the minds of people without the wherewithal to bother fact-checking. Hell, they've been convinced that the fact-checkers themselves are moonbats out to get even with the DJs, so why bother reading that shit?

Compared to the microphoney mouth-breathers, progressive radio just ain't got that PEP...that OOMPH! The detailed responses needed to counteract the endless pinballs of propaganda even puts me to sleep, and I grok what they're saying!

thwap said...

Well, to have the leftist mirror-image of the right-wing radio show, the leftist would have to be able to deliver barely-veiled threats against the powerful with impunity the way that these blowhards Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, ad nauseum do to minorities, the poor, individual feminists.

We'd have to make jokes about Limbaugh's pathetic viagara-assisted whoring in desperately poor countries, and we'd have to make loud, harsh, devastating arguments about how lying corporate scum are spying on us, denying us our rights, and what are we gonna do about it? and it would all have to be on networks owned by people who won't pull the plug on such a show.

That's the difference between the left-wing and the right-wing. When the latter calls out the troops, they go and beat on the homeless, single-mothers, minorities, and generally the weakest in society. If a left-winger were to call out the troops, it would mean revolution in the end. It would mean going after people who can effectively fight back.

Going after people who can fight back isn't what made Limbaugh, Hannity, or the rest of that crowd, the popular he-men that they are today.

trog69 said...

Excellent point. Here's the thing; I can't imagine how a man could find any degree of enjoyment from raping a woman,(or any forcible acts by anyone.)'cause if she didn't want me in a major way, my other head woulda already called the game over. Similar disconnect occurs with the blatant lies and venal hatred spewing from the mouths of these scum. Yes, I've read about the theory of their inability to hear or ponder contradictory data presented to them. Yeah, yeah...the left has people that bullshit, too. As you so aptly suggest, at least the Southpaws are shooting at armed opponents! I used to think that Rush was just playin' the part for the money; Now I don't give a shit...he needs flushing.

thwap said...

Ah, but here's a good way to relieve some stress:


... but flushing his career down the toilet would be better.