Thursday, February 7, 2008

Australian Blogger Added



Zézette said...

Hey, thanks thwap! I was wondering why there was a sudden flood of Canukistani visitors. Nice!

I can barely bring myself to answer to the title of "blogger" these days. Barely get time to have a leak, let alone ponder the world and write about it.

Zézette said...

Also meant to say how great the gravel looks. Reminds me of the miserable schoolyardI was stuck in in England. We favour grass here in the sunny country, y'see.

thwap said...

Re: Flood of visitors; ... most of my "visitors" are when my blog gets on a google search results page, that isn't followed up, or "prog blogs" views from that aggregator's homepage.

The asphalt/gravel is meant to be a close-up of a schoolyard that a right-wing opponent of mine would be seeing as i slammed his head against it.

Or something like that.