Monday, February 11, 2008

This Can't Continue ...

I don't have any delusions that my blog is going to become a Canadian institution. It's primarily an incentive for me to write something. But I have so little free time that my posts have been a series of daily useless blurbs or links for too long.

I'm not wrapping it up at the moment. But I'm recognizing the sheer silliness of it if it continues unchanged.

Here's a link to a story from the Tyee.


Diane Demorney said...

Well, thwap... I always enjoy reading your blog, regardless of content. If you don't want to continue, that's up to you, of course. But when you're on a roll... well, man, you rock! So it's not all golden. So what. You're writing and that can only be good.

All the best, my friend.

thwap said...

Well golly. I really wrote that bit of narcissistic whining for myself.

But thanks for the vote of confidence.

I've got about three larger pieces started, but I just don't have the time to polish them and finish them.

Again, thanks.