Saturday, February 9, 2008

There's that 30% number again!

Recently, I read that bush II's support level has risen to 29% again. After all this criminality and disaster, roughly 30 % of US Americans are stupid enough to continue to support him.

So, I'm almost finished Richard Overy's Why the Allies Won, about the various factors producing the Allied victory in World War II, and on one page I read this:

Postwar findings suggested that by the end of 1944 almost three-quarters of Germans wanted to give up the war at once. The proportion willing to fight to the end, 29 per cent, may not all have been Nazis, but the figure was close to Hitler's share of the vote in the last free elections, in November 1932.

Nazi Germany was not the manifestation of some psychic sickness of the German people. It was a product of historical circumstance, something that any culture is prey to. And all societies have people who are stupider than the average. Such morons have their own political movements. It's up to a people to ensure that their political system deters such groups from becoming leaders, rather than pitied subjects.

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