Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Important Essay

It's by one Ronnie Cummins, entitled:

Corporate Globalization

Standing at the End of the Road

Hunh. Howboutdat! It reproduced the text format exactly. I wonder if it'll translate over when I publish? Who the fuck cares? Here's the link.

If you read the whole (fairly short) thing, you'll get the significance and importance of this excerpt:

In July 2006 Mexicans launched an impressive though ultimately abortive ballot box revolution, turning out in droves for the anti-NAFTA presidential candidate, Manuel Lopez Obrador, from the left-of-center PRD (Party of Democratic Revolution). Although Obrador won the popular vote, according to reliable exit polls and election experts, in a U.S.-style electronic vote theft, the elections were stolen, and Felipe Calderon, a pro-NAFTA corporatist was installed as President. As a Mexican activist friend reminds me today, we are at the end of the road for polite protest. Nothing short of a second Mexican (and American) revolution will save us.



trog69 said...

I am sincerely ashamed for being so ignorant of Mexico's political state, especially living so close to the border.(less than 100km.) Thanks for reminding me, jerkoff. (That's Canadian for 'kind sir', right?)

See, I'm learnin' the lingo; It's a start!

thwap said...

"Hoser" is the Canuck term of endearment you're looking for. I got pretty hep about Mexican politics when NAFTAwa first signed and the Zapatistas rose up.