Saturday, February 2, 2008

Harris Scum at it Again

Via pogge, we hear that Jim Flaherty, incompetent former finance minister to corrupt moron premier Mike Harris, has been found to have broken Treasury Board rules for awarding contracts. From the Toronto Star:

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has broken federal rules by handing a former Mike Harris speechwriter an untendered contract worth more than $120,000, the Toronto Star has learned.

The $122,430 contract to Hugh MacPhie, who worked in the former Ontario Conservative premier's office, violated Treasury Board guidelines requiring multiple bids for contracts over $25,000.

To which pogge adds: " Further along in the story you'll find that the contract was for two months work."

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This is the way this particular sort of fuck-up operates. Conservative politicians are generally as thick-headed as their blogging fanboys. As such, they realize that they can't make their money honestly, and so they enter politics, spewing the sort of simplistic crap that our present political-economic system is based on (that's why I oppose our present political-economic system don'tcha know) and then they ride that gravy-train for all they're worth.

Oh yeah, and the gutless hypocrisy, ... that's your typical "conservative" as well.

I'm working on a couple of extended essays. One is a long, leisurely swim in the fetid stupidity that is a right-wing blog. The other is going to address the reasons for my hostility towards Liberal Party supporters. Essentially it's because they're worse than useless and they only serve to confuse our political culture.

Ahem. Back to other kinds of work.

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