Sunday, April 27, 2008

April is the busiest month ...

Well, actually, I don't know about that. Read something at

The Conservatives' three budgets have left Ottawa financially incapable of offering any new national social program like affordable housing, higher education or day care. Although overall spending went up, mostly on the military, measures were taken to deplete revenues to the point future governments' hands will be tied unless they raise taxes or run deficits, both prescriptions for political suicide.

I don't know about that "political suicide" thing. If I was King of Canada, I'd raise taxes on people and things that would never vote leftist ever, ... and I'd spend the money on services for the majority, ... and I'd lavish funds on those groups (artists, First Nations, the environment, universities) that could be loyal constituencies. And I'd let the wealthy and the corporations whine and gnash their teeth for four years, until the next election, at which point, all the people who received concrete benefits from the government would be more easily mobilized.

Y'see, the right-wing has learned that if they ignore our protests, our scathing letters to the editor, our think-tanks' critiques, our internet sites, that there are no ill consequences for their legislating against our interests.

Well, it's the same thing for their television and newspaper allies, their corporate speeches, and the blowhards on the radio and in the locker-rooms and bars and their blog aggregates of insanity and stupidity. Fuck 'em. Let 'em bitch to high-heaven. At the end of the day, they're

Whose side are you on? They're not on our side. Their lies don't matter. Shut 'em out and get on with it.

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