Friday, April 4, 2008

Haiti in Context

From the new, improved

"Globalization and Terror: Murder Inc. and Haiti"

Documents the recent crimes of the "developed" countries in Haiti and their significance.

Corporate media silence on the post coup massacres in Haiti is in stark contrast to mainstream media coverage of government repression of the 2007 uprising in Burma or of the post-election inter-communal violence in Kenya. One is entitled to assume that since most of the victims of Haiti's violence seem to have been impoverished supporters of President Aristide, their suffering was and is unimportant as far as the Western Bloc propaganda media are concerned. At the time of the coup only a handful of journalists like Kevin Pina and Jean Ristil were faithfully reporting matters at grass roots - their reports were ignored by the major corporate media.


Just as in ... former conflicts, the [developed countries] openly fund non-governmental organizations opposed to target governments under the guise of "strengthening democracy and human rights". At the same time they covertly organize paramilitary organizations and murder campaigns. Having deliberately provoked conflict and instability, they then accuse the target government of being incapable of meeting its people's needs. Then it is time for "regime change" via whatever puppet quisling opportunists they can muster, imposed by some cynically engineered "coalition of the willing" with or without a UN Murder Inc. permit.


trog69 said...

Good evening, thwap.

The "Cone of Silence"(Get Smart) that fell into place was jolting to me. I had been following the story there as the uprising was going on, and as Aristide was taken away, closing the door from inside a Rolls-Royce; Silence.

We cannot condone the News Media being a Big Business production any longer. They have kicked out the most important leg of the citizens' power, to confront wrongdoing, by shining a light on our representatives.

thwap said...

Canada's media is particularly disgusting, given that for us, Haiti is a major foreign policy undertaking. You'd think that as such, it would deserve some coverage. But they're not even bothering to lie about Haiti. There's obviously no good news there, so there's nothing to really spin.

Maybe they report on the bags of candy and the soccer balls and the empty concrete-block schools in Afghanistan because people are actually resisting us over there.