Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Reason to Hate that "Two-Tier" Bullshit

On EnMasse, "granny" brought our attention to a demand by some native activists to get the federal government to do a thorough accounting of the aboriginal children who died of tuberculosis at the residential schools.

Apparently (and I didn't know this) some children were just described as "missing" to their families, and were instead dumped into mass graves.

While contributing to that thread, I came across sites dedicated to the forced sterilization of aboriginals during Alberta's eugenics madness. Aboriginals were also sterilized in British Columbia.

You know, when I defend First Nations activists, or when I try to put their actions in context, and I'm forced to deal with stupid fuckwads (who've exhausted themselves parting Gary McHale's considerable ass-flaps in order to plant a wet one on his hairy, brown, filthy asshole) who mouth this self-interested whining about "two-tier justice," I usually argue by pointing to decades, if not a century of government fraud and obstructionism on land claims, and by pointing out the over-policing, unequal sentencing, and harsher treatment that aboriginals suffer in Canada.

But this stuff about MASS GRAVES OF NATIVE CHILDREN and forced sterilizations; ... the hypocrisy of imbeciles like McHale and his doofus acolytes has just gotten ten-times more nauseating.


g said...

Hi thwap! Thanks for putting this on your blog.

Just a clarification: Parents were told NOTHING AT ALL about their children. Some went home, some did not. Parents never knew what happened to the children who didn't come home at all, and they still don't.

thwap said...

Sheer, disgusting, racist callousness.