Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Iraq War Isn't Funny Anymore

It never really was actually. Goddammit, actually it's been a monstrosity, an abomination, a crime against humanity, from the very beginning. And it's been an ever-increasing nightmare for the people of Iraq for five years now.

So, it's getting a little tired to look at Jon Stewart's grinning face, and listen to his droll humour as he punctures yet another idiotic bush II regime talking point. (In this latest case, the contention that a drop in violence is a sign of "the surge's" success, and that any increase in violence is likewise an indicator of it's success.)

Yes, yes; we all know that the bush II regime are shameless liars and idiots. But it's long past the point where Americans should be laughing at this unelected travesty. This isn't the time for gallow's humour. The American people are not dead yet, and IF this bush II government is UNELECTED, and if it launched an ILLEGAL WAR based on LIES, and if this ILLEGAL WAR has KILLED ONE MILLION PEOPLE, then the American people (the seventy percent of them with at least half-a-brain anyway) must do what is necessary to make the consequences for this criminality suit the actions.

Otherwise, the idiot bush II and his crooked puppeters will get away free, laughing all the way to their bailed-out banks, after having shat over everything that the American people claim that they stand for.

In the future, I intend to spend more time trashing Canadian policy in Afghanistan, Haiti, and towards our own First Nations, but I was just moved by watching that "Daily Show" segment to type this.

I've long been annoyed with the stupid liberalism of "The Daily Show." Rather than being satirists with a conscience, attacking the depredations and stupidities of the ruling class, using their talents for humanity, "The Daily Show" has this moronic, mechanistic compulsion to "skewer both sides" in some sort of US liberal conception of "balance." So they mock the bush II regime, but they also mock peace protestors. Because, obviously, peace activists are at least as dangerous as the bush II regime and we mustn't relax our vigilance over them either.

Then of course, there's this clueless US liberalism that sees fit to slam Harry Belafonte for calling bush II the world's biggest terrorist. Obvious hyperbole to some wealthy New York City television star who has never been on the receiving end of "Shock and Awe."

To Jon Stewart, and "The Daily Show" staff, there's evidently no comparison between an unelected war-criminal with frightening ideas about the extent of his stolen executive powers, who has killed, maimed, and made homeless MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, and Osama bin Laden, who has killed, maimed and wounded perhaps 20,000 people. (Even if bin Laden has destroyed or damaged 500,000 lives, it's still ludicrous for it to be beyond "The Daily Show" to fail to see an equivalence between their mass-murdering "president" and Osama bin Laden. Somehow there's a qualititative difference between "terrorism" and "shock and awe.")


trog69 said...

Good morning, thwap.

So lemme get this straight. You want a comedy show, which is shown only on The Comedy Channel to quit joking around and get serious, 'cause this is too serious to kid around about. Ok, I went back and checked; Your article is dated April 2, so this isn't what would be a good April Fool's gag.

You definitely need to get out and get nice and snockered, then punch out some authoritarian mook. I'm serious, man.

As to their bashing lefty protesters, well, at least we're getting air time, huh?

thwap said...

Good morning Trog69,

I just want a moratorium on jokes about the living hell of Iraq.

Stewart's show's humour allows Americans a cathartic release from their knowledge of the depravities in Iraq.

You guys don't need such a release. You need to let the rage build up inside you and take it out on the bush II regime.

And Stewart would lose his job were he to declare such a thing. I don't expect him to do that. I don't think he's capable of doing that.

I think though, that he should realize, his show should realize, that there are no more practical dividends to be had from satirizing the bush II regime's insanity in Iraq.

All that's happening now is that Americans are laughing at the Iraqis' expense.