Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Moral Minority

A few Canadians think Canada should "take the gloves off" when it comes to "fightin' terrorism." The ter'rists have no respect for the dignity and beauty of every individual life, and therefore we should disembowel them with chainsaws or something, until they learn to renounce hate.

These Canadians are known as the "Blogging Tories."

Most other Canadians don't appear to be too concerned about Canada's complicity in torture, or imperialism, or genocide. Not enough to write a letter of protest. Or boycott a product. Or rouse themselves to learn more about it after "Deal or No Deal" is over.

A few Canadians protest about injustice and torture. In the last few decades of the 20th century they really became influential. Something happened that made political elites believe that they represented the broad mass of Canadains.

Now it appears that the elites are acting as if they know that human-rights activists are a tiny minority, and that there's no political repercussions for pissing them off.

Alas, alack. T'would appear that they're right.

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