Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cato the Elder?

Perhaps I should imitate Cato the Elder and his obsession with Carthage by ending each blog entry with the declaration:

"The Liberal Party Must Be Destroyed."

Lately I've been dwelling on how Liberal supporters, just like Democratic Party supporters, all have their heads up their asses, pining for their shining white knight, Stephane Dion (who did less than nothing on implementing our Kyoto Accord obligations as environment minister) or "gasp!" "swoon!" Michael Ignatieff, to save us all from the nasty, evil, corrupt Conservative Party of Canada, the same way that US-Americans imagine that the lying Obama or the war-mongering pandering Hillary Clinton is somehow going to radically change the course of elite-controlled US politics.

Here's an excellent essay from CounterPunch on that particular US-American delusion, that also speaks to the broader insanity among liberals in general:

"The 2008 Election: Of Whales and Worms" by Dennis Loo

For the well-meaning people who are feeling this way, I have this question: How can the same Democratic Party, and the same specific individuals, who have co-operated in, permitted and/or legalized the Bush regime’s atrocities – including torture and war crimes – now tell us that the candidate that they endorse is the solution to the horrid things that this system and these individuals have themselves facilitated and colluded in?


If elections really were a solution to these towering, world-historic crimes, how can it be so simple to fix these horrors as pushing a button and electing a new president and vice-president?

Why aren’t real collective efforts and civil resistance by the American people needed in a time when both major parties and the mass media have betrayed the people, when lie after lie after lie pass without comment, the liars caught red-handed are excused, when unjust wars and unspeakable practices are routine, when reason and science themselves are under attack, and when the country is in more danger than the conditions that sparked the American revolution and when the fate of the planet hangs in the balance?


We don’t need hope based on wishful thinking.

We need hope based on cold, hard facts and cold, clear-eyed realism.

We need hope based on an understanding of how this system actually works and how political power is actually exercised.

People have to get over naïve ways of seeing the world.

Just because he’s black, he’s going to change things?

Just because he’s smart and Bush is stupid? Just because he’s hipper than Dick Cheney and flatfooted George Bush? Just because he can write books and Bush needs a coloring book entitled The Presidency for Dummies?

Is this – true though these things are - what ultimately, decisively, matters?

If you think so, think again, because so much is at stake.

The whole world is at stake.

Indeed. Capitalist politicians have created this system. Electing those among them who are smart enough to lie and say what decent people want to hear isn't the answer to the problems of capitalism. The stakes are too high for that nonsense. Grab your fucking brains people.

(ETA: Jeeziz Fucking Kryst!! Why does blogger feel compelled to change the font colour to snot-green just because you make it a quote or change the style????!!!????)


trog69 said...

Good morning, splat.

They change the color to green in honor of me, 'cause I'm Irish. Don't forget that.

I'm sorely scared to think of the buyer's remorse we will soon be experiencing. "Whattayamean, they still don't have enough votes to deconstruct the MCA?"

I'm glad to see you haven't thrown in the towel yet with this site.

thwap said...

Welcome back trog69!

(I assume this was the first entry you replied to today. And not yesterday's post where you also wrote something.)

Re: The colour. -- Have a talk with "blogger" then for me, would'ja.

You know, if a Democratic president proves as disappointing as I expect him to be, then perhaps then the US-American people will realize that something has to change besides the name of the party of con-men they allow to fleece and humiliate them.

trog69 said...

Oh, they'll realize something's gotta alright; They'll figger the Republicans offer a better choice. Once you've passed the Schwarzchild radius, you cannot expect any different course. Stupidity and greed are inevitable.

And why the hell would I oppose a color scheme that is an homage to me and mine? Hmmm?

Hope everything's been going good for you; As usual, I'm doing better than I deserve. I've been less avid in my internet lurking lately, so, better late than never, huh?

Alison said...

BamBam backs FISA.