Friday, June 13, 2008

It All Comes Back to My Hatred of the Liberal Party

The difference, obviously, is that the Conservative Party of Canada is comprised of bat-shit crazy loons, deluded closet-cases, utter morons, and absolute pigs, whereas the Liberal Party of Canada is comprised of cynical con-men, a few pompous asses, and self-deluding cannon fodder. But for the most part, these two parties (the only two allowed to English Canada by the mainstream press) see eye-to-eye on most important issues. The Liberals are better able to hide their nausea-inducing characteristics better.

A perfect example is the ignorant bigotry spewed by Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre on the day of Stephen Harper's formal apology on behalf of the Canadian government for the atrocity that was the Aboriginal Residential Schools Program. The witless fool babbled:

"Now along with this apology comes another $4 billion in compensation for those who partook in the residential schools over those years," says Poilievre, in a clip circulated by the Liberal opposition.


"Now, you know, some of us are starting to ask: 'Are we really getting value for all of this money, and is more money really going to solve the problem?'

"My view is that we need to engender the values of hard work and independence and self reliance. That's the solution in the long run - more money will not solve it."

Obviously stupid drivel. But pay attention! Who is paraded around to register their disgust with these disgusting remarks? The Liberal Party of Canada!

Anita Neville, Liberal aboriginal affairs critic, called Poilievre's comments "disgraceful" and "ignorant."

"I invite him to take a tour of many of the First Nations communities in this country and see how people are living.

"The irony of something like this on the day of the apology... . And I fear it reflects an attitude or a view that is prevalent among many members of that caucus."

How touching! How truly enlightened! But waitaminnit, ... what party was in power for most of the 20th century when the residential schools were kidnapping children only to abuse them and have a third to half of them die of tuberculosis?

The Liberal Party of Canada.

What party presided over the squalor and misery that Neville wants to now show Poilievere?

The Liberal Party of Canada.

Aside from the Kelowna Accord (and lord knows whether that money would have actually done anyone outside a narrow strata of politicians, government bureaucrats, and comprador FN leadership) the Liberal Party of Canada has done nothing for the First Nations.

I'm observing all these pathetic US-American liberals investing all their hopes in the vague rhetoric of Barack Obama, reciting the litany of crimes of the Republican Party and forgetting how much damage their own Bill Clinton did, and more and more, the sad-sacks who comprise the "Liberal" blog--o-sphere here in Canada sound just as pathetic and just as deluded.

I vote NDP with my eyes open. They're a step in the right direction and thank god we've got one. One way to be able to vote for sexual freedom, non-fascist social policy, and genuine commitment to vestiges of the welfare state, and to not split the progressive vote (as Buzz Hargrove is so enraged about) is for all the progressives who vote Liberal to pull their heads out of their asses and look at what that goddamned puke of a party DOES as opposed to what it SAYS (usually when it's in opposition).

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