Sunday, June 8, 2008

Step O: Have an Alternative

I guess a prerequisite to my laundry list of ways to change the world is to have an alternative to offer people when you insist on revolutionary change.

What will make the world a better place and will avoid the structural problems of our present socio-economic system.

I've blurted out here and there that we need to expand democracy and be fanatics about individual human freedoms and rights at the same time. So we should insist on the right to free speech and to protest, and draw lessons from the significance that neo-liberal capitalism cannot grant these rights and freedoms. But we should also expand democracy, specifically into our workplaces. The areas where we spend a great deal of our lives and where most of our rights and freedoms are subordinated to a boss, or bosses in a hierarchically structured system.

Now I've got to reply to Scott ...

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