Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Conservatives" are Shitty Economic Managers

Check this out:

In a speech yesterday, Harper stopped just short of saying voters should give him a majority government to protect the health of the economy.

"They can choose a strong government to keep Canada on track," Harper said. "Or they can choose a weak Parliament that will put our economic stability at risk."

What a crock of shit. Um, Stevie boy? D'you know who your finance minister is? Jim Flaherty. Yeah, ... that guy. You picked him Stevie.

That's a pretty expensive "green" tax package too Stevie. Too bad it doesn't do anything.

You're such a fucking sickening liar. You don't give a shit about sound finance. You don't give a shit about the health of Canadian society. You exist to make your masters rich. You don't even care about the red meat that your chump voting base slavers for.

But it's easy for Stevie to say this crap, because the media (when they're not deliberately singing the corporate tune and excluding sane voices from the marketplace of ideas) imagines that to report on what a politician says and to then tell people whether the politician is lying or not, is departing from "objectivity."

Harper and Flaherty have wreaked the public finances and there's nothing to show for it. Harris-Flaherty-Eves screwed Ontario over. Mulroney did a number on us. Grant Devine fucked up Saskatchewan. The SoCreds loved their deficits in British Columbia. South of the border, it's the same thing. Reagan and bush II in particular, love blowing other people's money on militarism and presents for rich people.

Regarding the media, I, like others, wish they'd do some work and follow-up on important political claims. When Harper blames the Liberals for deaths from tainted meat that happened over two years into his watch, it ought to be a simple task to establish whether he's just being a fat, gutless, lying asshole, blaming others for his own murderous incompetence and corruption.

Lastly, I'd just like to say that Alison at Creekside's presentation of the convinction in the Paintball 18 case is chilling and testimony to how far these Liberals, with their mewling stupidity and corporate arrogance which they regard as "pragmatism" and these "Conservatives" with their naked authoritarianism and their sheer stupidity, have debased our political culture.

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