Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Tory Majority?

It's a possibility. Because our media conspires to keep people IGNORANT of how truly detestable Harper and the gang are.

Both of our parties survive due to systemic media complicity in preserving their respectability.

"Progressives" wouldn't vote Liberal without the warm delusions of the media that wants to create the same meaningless contests as they have in the USA.

That moment when a trio of conservative mainstream US commentators unknowingly blurted out their true thoughts about how terrible a choice Sara Palin was for VP, immediately after speaking positively when officially on-the-air shows how blatant this process is down south. The system that brought us "Timbits over torture" here in Canada is the exact same thing at heart.

You're still just a consumer. A prize for the advertisers. "Democracy" is supposedly one of our fundamental values, so they try to make it as meaningless (but entertaining) as possible.


trog69 said...

The media has abdicated the most important oversight function in government. The internet really is our last hope, and the conglomerates are fighting tooth and claw to keep us from gathering forces against them. And it is against THEM. The greed factor has tied our legislatures, administrations, and the MSM into a power structure that is too corrupt to break apart, so we must use the 'net.

The real problem, of course, is that the world is full of imbeciles, easily lead by jingoism and "national pride". I'm won't even go into the religious fanatics of assorted flavors of wingnut.

On a side note; Hey! I had to do a system recovery on this machine, and lost all my links, so, did you miss me honey?

thwap said...

I was wondering ... thanks for stopping by!

p.s. do you still get to lie out in the warm sun, sans humidity, where you are?

trog69 said...

Well, yeah there's too damn much sun and thankfully little humidity, but this Irishman has no intention of sitting out in that! If I still drank, my druthers would be a nice dark tavern with Frank Sinatra on the jukebox. Or Metallica. and the windows darkened and too dirty to see out of anyway. heaven!

thwap said...

Ah, I love sitting out in the sun. You might like Hamilton Ontario's "Pheasant Plucker" or "Winking Judge." "Rebel's Rock" is a semi-authentic Irish pub. The lady who owns it is an ex-Toronto cop who originally hails from Belfast. The food is certainly heavy and it can be dark except on summer days.

trog69 said...

Well, I would suggest that we trade places, but you're an alright guy, and I'd feel guilty sticking you here, while the religious wingnuts are taking over the government, and the candidates seem perfectly fine with that. Of course, you could sell the house and head out to the desert to live. I imagine it'd take a while for anyone to find you our there, and all the sun you can stomach. And the occasional lost border crosser dying at your campsite.

Just keep the spare bedroom ready for me!