Friday, September 12, 2008

Harper reduces "The Mission" to a campaign stunt

Harper must've thought he was pretty slick, under-cutting criticisms of the seemingly endless conflict in Afghanistan where we approach the 100th Canadian fatality, with a surprise announcement that he's throwing in the towel after his arbitrary 2011.

While it's better late than never, Harper's supporters must feel a twinge of nausea as he tosses vaunted commitments to N.A.T.O., vows to stay by the Afghan people "until 'the job' is done," and ensuring that those who died did not die in vain, into the waste-basket with an out-of-the-blue bombshell on the campaign trail.


Beijing York said...

I hope this backfires on him. Harper's potential supporters are already outraged, those being the ones who are behind the mission for a variety of reasons including having lost a son or daughter in Afghanistan.

What I would like to see from the media is follow-up questions respecting what Big Daddy Leader will do if the US decides to ramp up Afghanistan and/or go into Iran. Let's see some back bone from journalists in this campaign. We all know what Obama and McCain plan on doing, so it doesn't take much research to ask these pressing questions.

thwap said...

Maybe Harper plans for an orgy of blood between now and 2011.

But I don't think he's considered the international reaction at all.

And maybe he's just fucking lying.

(Maybe someone in the Obama camp can leak whether Harper assured them privately that he wasn't serious. The way Obama did when he talked about reforming NAFTA.)