Monday, September 15, 2008

Epilogue to the manufactured May scandal

Just to begin, ... I don't really like Elizabeth May and I think the Greens are (at best) a Quixotic band of unnecessary vote-splitters in our already over-burdened FPTP electoral system.

But I thought the whole brouhaha about Elizabeth May's "stupid" comments (which turned out to be a mere slip of the tongue that could have happened to anyone) was an entirely useless distraction from real issues and real debate.

What I find interesting is that it was apparently the man behind the aggregator of scum and villainy (the "Blogging Tories"), Stephen Taylor, who was responsible for the whole thing. Got that? The guy who thought he'd embarass Elizabeth May by posting a snippet of her apparently saying that Canadians are stupid is Stephen Taylor of the "Blogging Tories." Which is to say that he's a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada and its leader, Stephen Harper.

Everybody got that?

Because it just so happens that there's an old clip of Stephen Harper saying pretty much the same thing about Canadians, only this time it doesn't appear to be a slip of the tongue. In this transcript you can read how teleprompter reader Peter Mansbridge commiserates with Harper about the majority of Canadians' abysmal ignorance on "the mission" (tm) in Afghanistan and Harper takes the opportunity to run with the idea and accuse most Canadians of similar ignorance about pretty much everything:

Mansbridge: “How do you explain, to yourself, the apparent lack of knowledge on the part of a good number of Canadians as to what we are doing in Afghanistan…?”

Harper: “You know, Peter, I don’t know if I am shocked by that. I’m not sure if it’s different on Afghanistan than on any other area of public policy."

Wow! Taylor manages to be both a sleazy political operative, fabricating charges of "elitism" against Elizabeth May, while being either clueless or a hypocrite at the same time. It can't be helped though. Intellectual and ethical consistency is generally impossible for the denizens of the shadowy political realm known as "conservatism." It would be nice if there weren't so damned many of these fucking morons though.

P.S. Once again, I have to say that I find it rich that Mansbridge and Harper believe that they get to sound superior to those Canadians not taken in by the propaganda about "the mission" (tm.) in Afghanistan. In reality, by supporting this clusterfuck of imperialism, it's they who expose themselves as witless buffoons.


Beijing York said...

Notice how the new and improved softer, kinder Harper cannot look anyone in the eye?

He is a contemptuous prick. Of all the leaders, he is the most elitist. Remember, he's the ass who always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Good find, Thwapper! as for the "Quixotic" thing, I reckon I'll take that as a compliment. The Greens is about as strong as a party gets when it comes to exposin' the patent unfairness of FPTP. The GPC stance on this issue was one of my biggest reasons for joining the party.

Here in my riding, we got a gal runnin' fer the Greens who worked her 70-something year-old tail off last year on the MMP referendum for Fair Vote Canada. I got a YouTube of our Green gal up on my little boog. Drop by an' look 'er over.


Saskboy said...

Great find. Good thing there's audio too :-)