Thursday, April 1, 2010

MY Faith in Humanity Restored

I've been thinking that the un-fixable stupidity of people like the Blogging Tories makes the idea that people can be reasoned with an utter falsehood. We're doomed by the electoral strength of this solid bloc of morons who can always be counted upon to vote against their own (and our) self-interest.

But then I thought, I've been impressed by US-Americans to know that they're not a stupid people even though the quality of their political debates would make one think that. It's the system, not the people, who make it so moronic.

Case-in-point: Albertans are fine, intelligent people. Gracious hosts, normal human beings. Yet they puke-up Stockwell Day and are the centre of strength for the imbecilic harpercons. What gives? Obviously, it's the political-economic creature of the oil industry.

Which means, that given different circumstances, political cultures can improve. Which restores my fuckin' FAITH in fuckin' HUMANITY man!!!


Todd said...

Not bad. There is hope for you yet, young paduwan. !{)>

thwap said...


You talking to me or the porn-master?

Todd said...

You. I didn't know what the hell that other thing was (still don't).

thwap said...


I've always said something to the effect that there are structural reasons for the abysmal level of US-American political culture. That's it not the case that "Americans are stupid" as so many self-satisfied Canadians seem prone to say.

but lately I've been dealing with the reality that there are so many people, so irredeemably stupid, and that part of this stupidity is their total inability to respond sensibly to fact-based arguments, and it's made me think that humanity is hopeless.

Then for some reason, I remembered my other theory and felt better.

Wayne said...
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thwap said...

Ugh. The sort of person who makes me doubt humanity, "wayne."

Part of being so stupid is the inability to conceive how totally I don't care about your opinion.

Why should I give a shit about anything you have to say?

The last time you were here you tried to drop some cliched turds about the glories of non-violence (for leftists), completely oblivious to how your support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (such support being yet another example of your stupidity) invalidates anything you have to say about non-violence.

You're wrong about everything waynhe. When are you going to sprout enough brain cells to grasp that?

The minute any of you scum-bags has a coherent epiphany on your total worthlessness will be the moment that I'll believe that humanity is perfectable.

Patrick Ross said...
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Kim said...

thwap, good post. I lived in Alberta for a couple of years and I was puzzled how I could meet so many people who were nice and normal and yet their politics are so American. Alot of Albertans actually would rather be a state than a Canadian Province. But we must not forget that they also produce the likes of Christopher White (CAPP). What scares me too is the sheer numbers of apparently brainless voters out there. It depresses me too sometimes. Your blog makes a difference though, take heart in that. The more we discuss and debate, the more people will realize that democracy is not a right, it's a responsability. Thanks.

thwap said...

It's not just Alberta. Ontario backed Mike Harris and swings back and forth between deluded Liberal-ism and clueless "conservatism."

Quebec has all those anti-Muslim bigots.

Saskatchewan occasionally elect brain-dead right-wing governments.

But Alberta is the bastion of the stew of lies that is "conservatism" and that's more to do with the cultural impact of the oil-industry than anything else.