Friday, April 16, 2010

With Apologies To Any CF Friends Of Mine ...

And I've got a few friends and acquaintances. But this Afghanistan nightmare is evidence that the Canadian military is one bent institution.

I guess the real story here is that scum rises. That explains the rise and rise of complete imbeciles like Rick Hillier. A childish, stupid man, who believes in the image of the US military that he sees in John Wayne movies, and who applies this asinine, simplistic model to geo-politics as a whole with tragic results.

This explains all the assholes who think it's a good idea to kill and die to prop-up a narco-puppet state that robs its own people and rapes their children. That explains away all the murder and torture with the supposedly earth-shattering admission that that sort of thing happens in war-time, while failing to grasp that if stuff like that is inevitable in war time, that's the whole fucking reason that sane and intelligent people want to avoid war.

I hope this debacle results in the taming (for at least a while) of the disturbing trend of shit-head militarism that's been washing over this country for the past ten years.

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