Saturday, April 17, 2010

General Natynczyk Clears His Organization

Please, please General Natynczyk! I already said not to bother investigating yourselves! (Sigh!)

Gen. Walter Natynczyk, the chief of defence staff, said Friday that the Canadian Forces have reviewed the interpreter's testimony to a parliamentary committee and are convinced that their soldiers acted appropriately at all times.

In a letter to the House of Commons special committee on the Afghan mission, a copy of which was obtained by the Globe and Mail newspaper, Natynczyk says the military "has every reason to believe" it has figured out what incident the interpreter was talking about.

During that incident, on the night of June 18, 2007, soldiers did indeed kill a man, Natynczyk writes — but he was an armed militant who posed a lethal threat to troops.

I was trying to be polite General, but I guess I'll have to be blunt about it: Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say anymore. This is the same General Natynczyk who swore up and down that none of our prisoners were beaten by Karzai government employees, even if it meant contradicting an official field report by CF personnel, only to reverse himself when the writers of the field report refused to allow their work to be trashed and dismissed.

Afghan-born, Canadian citizen Ahmadshah Malgarai testified that he heard from Afghan villagers that the CF shot an unarmed teenager and then, in a panic, arrested ten of the teenager's fellow villagers and shipped them off to the NDS to prevent the exposure of the incident. As well, another CF member described the shooting as an act of murder.

So, unsurprisingly, Natynczyk spends a couple of days rooting through the paperwork, and concludes that, once again, we're innocent, everything's fine, theres' nothing to worry about.

These guys are sick fucking jokes. End of story. As I said earlier, you listen to these deluded, bungling liars, and we're busy building a functioning democracy in Afghanistan, defending women's rights and saving the people from the detestable murderers and scum-bags of the Taliban.

But ten year's later, the Karzai government is a fraud, sustained in power through electoral fraud and dependent upon foreign troops for its survival. It is a corrupt, narco-state. Its prison system is run by the former torturing jailers of the Soviet era. It is a coalition of feudal drug-barons, many of whom are from non-Pashtun ethnic groups and have been installed as "governors" over ethnic-Pashtun provinces, where they lord it over their ethnic rivals and allow their police forces to rape and plunder.

And, as I said earlier (based on the sterling reporting and blogging of others obviously), every once in a while, some individual with first-hand experience, like Richard Colvin, Ahmadshah Malgarai, or Travis Schouten, relates about disturbing, possibly criminal behaviour on the part of the Canadian government or military, and we're supposed to believe idiots like Rick Hillier or Peter MacKay, that those first-hand accounts are untrustworthy. That despite the government's complete refusal to allow us to know what's going on in Afghanistan, that everything is fine, and that all the whistle-blowers are lying, or deluded, or wrong, or whatever incoherent nonsense the harpercons can make up.

Well, no. No, Natynczyk, we don't believe you. We can't take your word for anything. I read the Globe & Mail's version of the story too, and there was an extended quote of Natynczyk's account of the incident in question and I stopped reading it after the first paragraph, because as far as I'm concerned, it's just a detailed lie. Let Parliament see how this war is being conducted, stop with the goddamned total secrecy, and maybe we'll find out that you're not a liar. But until then, nobody has any reason to believe a single fucking thing you say. And if you want to cry about that, then go ahead and cry. From where I'm sitting, your just part of an extended destruction of everything this country supposedly stands for. The fact that you're too stupid and debased to understand that is your issue.

Let's rebuild what this country is supposed to be and it has to start by excluding utter numb-skulls like Martin, Pettigrew, harper, MacKay, Hillier, Natynczyk, from influencing policy. Let's reduce the influence of the "Blogging Tories" to that of the shit-head cheering section of a permanently unelectable bloc of frustrated failures, rather than the shit-head cheerleaders of the Canadian government.

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