Friday, April 9, 2010

How Stupid Is Barack Obama?

Seriously. The man is proving the uselessness of the US-American electoral process with everyday of his presidency.

He has fucked-up healthcare. He said that building a "single-payer" public healthcare system would require "starting from scratch" when it would only have meant expanding medicare, medicaid, and veterans' healthccare. He said that it would violate the USA's "free-market" culture, and then he goes on to sign a bill that FORCES people to buy something regardless of whether they want to or not.

Here's the thing about mandatory car insurance: If you don't want to be forced to buy it, don't get a car or a license. Home insurance? If you don't want to buy it, but it's mandatory, then don't get a house.

But Obama's mandatory health insurance is imposed upon everyone, no exceptions. How is that consistent with US "free-market" values? Given the level of animosity towards even decent healthcare reform, hell, given the animosity to decency and justice in general in the USA, it's only a matter of time before somebody challenges this in court and it gets ruled unconstitutional and the whole titanic effort to pass healthcare reform (and all the selling-out by "pragmatic" progressives) will have been in vain.

And now, the revolting "war on terror." In response to a threat that, if you're a really, really, REALLY criminally incompetent government, might kill 3,500 US-Americans every thirty years or so, President Obama has arrogated for his office the right to pronounce any US-American citizen a "terrorist threat" and order them murdered. No questions asked, no oversight.

There is no hope for the Democratic Party people. There's no point in electoral participation. Not even to mitigate the cruelty of the system. It was Clinton who signed "welfare reform" and "three strikes and you're out." It's gonna be Obama who will destroy social security in the USA, because bush II was untrustworthy from the get-go. When Obama starts to say social security is in crisis, millions of "progressives" will trust him and let him get away with it.

If anyone thinks that any of this constitutes "smarts" on Obama's part, think again. The reason all of these psychopathic politicians submit to the brutalities of running for high office is because they want to have a legacy. They want to be remembered as Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Winston Churchill. Today, they stupidly imagine that they can wring the last pennies from the pockets of the working class, hollow-out the industrial base, lay more and more debt upon the general population, and still have a viable economy for the financial sector to feed off of.

Even when it all blows-up in their faces, as it did in 2008, they think that all they have to do is force the taxpayers to absorb it all, force workers to pay for it through unemployment and lower wages, and keep on doing the same things they've been doing.

Right-wingers are crowing that Obama will be a one-term president. They could very well be right, but it won't be because their own completely brain-dead politicians and policies have been vindicated. It will be because a sizeable portion of the people who voted for Obama will stay home in disgust and despair, and the minority of people who support the Repugs will out-vote the minority of people who support the Democrats. The people who don't vote will resign themselves to whatever abuses the victor chooses to submit them to.


Wayne said...
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thwap said...

Fuck-off Wayne. I'm not interested in hearing from people even more stupid than Obama. From someone from the team that makes Obama and the Democrats look smart.

West End Bob said...

a sizeable portion of the people who voted for Obama will stay home in disgust and despair

You said it, thwap. Not being especially enamoured with "barry" but considering the opposition of mcGeezer and Caribou Bambi, I held my nose and sent in my absentee ballot in the dem's favour.

Never again, and there's a lot of my "peeps" that feel the same way . . . .