Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogging Tory Response to Guergis-Jaffer

So, when one of their government's cabinet ministers makes a mockery of Canada's anti-terrorism precautions at an airport, and demands special treatment because she's so important, and it turns out that she and her husband, ex-MP of the Party of Decent, Law-Abiding, Taxed-to-Death Little People, appear to have been living the high-life, perhaps influence-peddling with crooked businessmen, partying with booze, cocaine and hookers, ... how did the "Blogging Tories" react?

With silence?

With sullen resentment at criticisms from partisans of other stripes?

With cries of outrage against this betrayal of all their supposed values?

Obviously, they can and should say "innocent until proven guilty" but that's only with regards to the actual influence-peddling. At this point, Guergis's disgraceful behaviour at the Charlottetown airport is an admitted fact, as is Jaffer's drunk-driving and cocaine possession. It's also pretty clear that Jaffer did attend a swanky evening on the town in the presence of a guy who is claiming special access to government funding and who also hires escorts.

If these "Blogging Tory" types, who believe that progressives are all effete, degenerate, high-living, arrogant urban sophisticates, whereas they are the moral bedrock of our nation, are responding to this affair with anything other than howls of outrage, then they're obviously the same revolting, stupid hypocrites that Canadian Cynic has long exposed them to be.

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ck said...

Yes, they are on the panic, aren't they, scrambling about...

Truth is, and for the life of me, I just don't get's like brainwashing in a cult..they just don't care that much about accountability, transparency or law and order. At least, not when it comes their hero Brother Steve. They seem to twist themselves inside out to protect him.

Sandra dee Crux of tory talk has joined the bandwagon of operation reopen ADSCAM; yes, she pretty much went in so far as to say that Liberals cooked this whole Guergis scandal in order to cover up ADSCAM...

thwap said...


But the "Conservatives" were supposed to be different, right?

Can't these people see that the best response to this sordid mess is to condemn the people who betray their values and have done with them?