Tuesday, June 22, 2010

stephen harper is Evil

Example Number 62,547:

Three Canadian CITIZENS, identified as "terrorist suspects" by mouth-breathing CSIS cretins during the Liberal era, tortured by the Syrian government (whereupon the aforementioned mouth-breathing CSIS cretins passed along other questions for the Syrian torturers to ask them, you know, while they were torturing them and all) ... cleared by a Canadian judicial inquiry (and by the Syrians who couldn't torture anything out of them) ... a Canadian parliamentary committee says that Canada owes them an APOLOGY, COMPENSATION, and THE CLEARING OF THEIR NAMES ....

and what does stephen harper do?

He REFUSES to apologize, compensate them, and clear their names.

INSTEAD, the sick, cowardly fuck forces them to take the Canadian government to court, and then tries to withhold evidence from them on another trumped-up argument of "national security."

Truly, a loathsome, revolting, nauseating person.


stageleft said...

Evil is in the eye of the beholder, what Harper is is an ideologue who, like every other ideologue who has ever held the position of Prime Minister, refuses to admit that his ideology is flawed.

ck said...

No, Steve is evul... the man has ice water running thru his veins; easy to see when you get past his "I forgot my fibre look"

thwap said...


While i actually don't think that "evil" has much descriptive power because it isn't about anything real, in the case of harper i believe that he best represents the hazy notion of uncaused cruelty and unnecessary cowardice that comes to mind when we think of that word "evil."

As ck says, if anyone has ice water running through their veins, it's that pathetic sack o' shit.