Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stupid Pierre Poilievre

While I'm on a roll today. Via Impolitical, I saw YouTube action of John Baird getting a deserved smack-down from the Liberal Operations Committee member Siobhan Coady. That video led me to this one from the May 25th Ethics Committee hearing. In it, Bloc Quebois committee member Carole Freeman wants to discuss what the Committee is going to do about the non-appearance of Dimitri Soudas before discussing whether to hear from John Baird.

It's then that stupid Pierre Poilievre enters into a plodding, stammering monologue about how the opposition MPs are trashing "centuries-old traditions" of ministerial responsibility.

His whole diatribe is (as usual) a complete waste of time. Because the innovation that's being introduced is the harpercon government's trashing of "centuries-old traditions" of Parliament's power to Send for Persons, papers and Records by refusing to allow departmental staff to appear before Parliamentary committees.

So, with Poilievre, what we have is an stupid obnoxious twit, dressing up anti-democratic harpercon innovations in a shabby rag of self-righteousness, delusion, incoherence and hypocrisy.

Defeat this government.

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