Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gun Violence in Toronto

So Rob "fuck-head" Ford has decided to "declare WAR on gangs" in response to the tragic Scarborough shooting last weekend. You know what that means don't you? Absolutely nothing. The stupid fat piece of shit has the begging bowl out to the province for "resources" (although the imbecile hasn't changed his tune that Toronto doesn't have a revenue problem, just a spending problem). It's especially rich that the Toronto Sun ("Wrong About Everything") hasn't mentioned that their idiot hero actually voted against accepting $300,000 in anti-gang program funding from the feds on June 8th.

The fact of the matter is that, once again, it's the 'loony left" that knows the score. Guns cost money but the violence appears to be the work of young men from economically depressed parts of the city. Shooting people has consequences so it's going to be young men who don't think they have much to lose by getting involved in drugs and violence. It's a deranged view of masculinity that causes young men to do these things. The way to bring this culture of violence to an end is to teach the faggy, feminazi, pinko critique of masculinity. It's to give young men real chances to aspire to something else in life besides a gangster. It's to wage war on poverty.

But of course, Ford is an idiot. The Toronto Sun is full of idiots. harper and Flaherty are idiots. Ford, harper and Flaherty's voters are idiots. The Toronto Sun's readers are idiots. They'll aspire to the long-discredited US-American policies of police brutality and "hard time" in for-profit prisons (paid for by the taxpayers).

And we'll have to endure the blundering of these cretins just like we did for Afghanistan, the economic crisis and pretty much everything else.


liberal supporter said...

I don't suppose the denizens of Fascist Philistine Hall (why did Sue Ann call it Socialist Silly Hall, but now just quietly fellates the mayor hoping her wife won't be upset) never saw Les Miz.

If you can honestly say that if you were Jean Val Jean, you wouldn't have stolen the loaf of bread, and that despite future good deeds he was still a thief and always a thief, then you can whine about how bad it is that poor people will do bad things for money.

Otherwise, deal with the poverty. Keeping people somewhere between their needs and their wants is what makes all societies successful, capitalist or not. Not meeting the needs breeds crime. Meeting all wants breeds laziness.

thwap said...


Those shameless, ignorant, deluded fucking hacks at the SUN make me literally sick to my stomach.

But you know, human desires aren't really insatiable. Capitalists were quite frustrated by some cultures' refusal to consume more.

This whole $600 shoes, luxury cars, and all that other stupid designer-label bullshit is deliberately cultivated, and then the capitalists don't hold up their end of the bargain and provide incomes for people.

Too bad it hasn't been them who pay the price.