Monday, July 16, 2012

Latest Reads

More of my WWII reading:

North Atlantic Run by Marc Milner. Highly detailed account of how hard it was for Canada to produce a respectable navy out of almost nothing in 1939.

Operation Husky by Mark Zuehlke. Comprehensive account of the Canadian contribution to the invasion of Sicily.

Vasily Grossman - a writer at war. Summary of the experiences and translation of the journals and published materials of Soviet Red Army edited by Antony Beevor, translated by Luba Vinogradova.


Steve W said...

A year or so ago I read Zuehlke’s book on the War of 1812, 'For Honours Sake'. Was a very good read. I recommend Harper and those morons at the Canadian Mint take it for a spin.

thwap said...

Zuehlke's a good writer. I wouldn't mind checking that one out.