Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Opitz's "Argument" (So to Speak)

So, the party that screamed blue murder about "illegal polls" in Etobicoke-Centre and in Guelph, and which (shamefully with the NDP) was having hysterics about veiled Muslim women voting (although people voting through the mail from overseas somehow never appeared on their radar), has now argued, before the Supreme Court of Canada, that simple "clerical errors" shouldn't invalidate an election??

I'm shocked and appalled that this flea-bitten rat Opitz even got an appeal after the devastating critique of the shoddy election monitoring by Elections Canada.by Justice Lederer. I'm now filled with misgiving that the Court is even bothering to mull over the witless argument barfed up by Opitz's lawyers.

In brief, the Optiz team is arguing that just because a bunch of incredibly sloppy mistakes were made in an election that was won by 26 votes out of 56,523 votes, is no reason to have a new election!

Funny that. So, if a teacher adds up the marks wrong on a test, that's no reason to change the results? So if a bunch of people vote and there's no paperwork, that's fine? It's amazing how these pieces-of-shit operate. 

I'm going to tell you this right now: I honestly believe that harpercon hacks signed-on in droves to work for Elections Canada in Etobicoke-Centre just to fuck things up in favour of their boy Opitz. Being a polling clerk isn't rocket-science and voters who aren't on the list have always waited cheerfully and patiently as we did their paper-work. Something stinks and given the harpercons' multi-year hard-on for trying to make Canadian elections as discredited as those in the USA, I won't put anything past them.


Beijing York said...

I totally agree, thwap.

I am convinced that the CPC ensured Opitz' victory with one strategy or another. I'm convinced of it in all those close CPC victories where long-standing incumbents were suddenly ousted with less than 1000 votes. Especially LPC incumbents that managed to hang on to their seats during the height of the AdScam backlash.

The last election had absolutely no look or feel of voter backlash - just apathy. Even the media pundits were calling for a third minority.

thwap said...


Nothing got eaten evidently. ;)

Anyhow, ... yeah, considering all the rest of the criminality the harpercons engaged in, it's the height of absurdity for them to profess wounded innocence when people speculate about what else they did.

They have to be defeated and punished or this country is finished.