Saturday, July 7, 2012


Via Dawg's Blawg, we find a curious last-minute ploy by Elections Canada with regards to Ted Opitz's desperate attempts to retain his stolen election in Etobicoke-Centre:
Elections Canada has filed a chart with the Supreme Court, showing that 44 of the 52 people whose ballots were discarded due to missing registration certificates are on the National Register of Electors, which means they are Canadian citizens and qualified to vote.
It's possible, therefore, that those 44 people should have been allowed to have their votes counted, which would put a serious dent into Wrzesnewskyj's case to nullify the election.
But there is a problem.
Although the names and addresses of those 44 voters are redacted in the court document, a code shows that almost half of them did not live in Etobicoke Centre in the month before the election.
It is possible that these voters could have moved into the riding during the election period, but since their registration certificates are missing, there's no proof that they were residents of Etobicoke Centre when they voted.
In its motion, Elections Canada says it is a neutral party and takes no position on whether the evidence should be added to the appeal.
But the motion raises a question about why Elections Canada didn't do this research when Wrzesnewskyj first raised the issue of missing registration certificates
As Dawg says, it's curious how this "Hail Mary" pass happened under the watch of his new, allegedly very pliant, appointee, Yves Côté. Remember too, that the original judge only looked at the results from 10 polling stations. Conceivably, there could have been many more irregularities elsewhere. Do you suppose Côté has some hidden knowledge of any other examples of extreme incompetence? Elections Canada is looking more like a collection of Keystone Cops with each passing day.


Owen Gray said...

Another agency in the government's pocket.

thwap said...


That's why we're gonna have to do a major housecleaning.

All those scum-bags and traitors will be shown the door.