Friday, August 24, 2012

Airshow MacKay vs. the Lives of "R"CAF Pilots

Just a reminder about what a craven turd and self-centred tool Peter MacKay is. We all know that the mega-expensive F-35 fighter jet is a highly problematic project. Evidently, it's one claim to fame, it's "stealth" is pretty much dead on arrival. Everything has been sacrificed to the plane's stealth. MacKay has read enough briefing papers (even if he tends to fall asleep five sentences into them) to know this. But Mr. "Support the Troops" doesn't give a shit that Canadian pilots' safety and even their lives will be compromised by flying these things (on offensive missions of choice, natch). His corporate masters have given their orders and obeying them has always been a profitable line of work for him, so, to hell with their lives.


bcwaterboy said...

In a functional democracy, McKay would have been tossed out long ago for his brash incompetency. It seems only the female cons troll down the walk of shame. This guy? Should have been out a long time ago.

thwap said...

Too true. And while MacKay helped harper become head of the new Conservative Party, I suspect he'd have as much luck as David Orchard if harper betrayed him and he sued him for anything.