Friday, August 17, 2012

Progressive Patriot: The War on Terrorism Part I

This is the third part of an intended series to try to come up with a positive agenda to try to make this country a better place. In a better world, I wouldn't have to even deal with trashing something as self-evidently idiotic as "The War on Terror." Alas, alack, however ridiculous it is, the War is a very real one (although obviously not in the sense that its adherents imagine it is) and has had huge consequences for Canada.

The semi-sane version of the War on Terror is that nasty Islamic fundamentalist fanatics have invented grievances about US foreign policy and that's why they attack the saintly, completely innocent, never hurt anybody, damned if they don't - damned if they do, USA. The US government is forced to enact draconian anti-terror legislation to make it difficult for terrorist groups to operate and, furthermore, to invade those countries that give the terrorists safe havens, and root them out at the source.

The truly crazy, nutso version overlaps with the semi-sane one, as the president who really started the whole thing, bush II, genuinely believed that the terrorists hate the USA for its freedoms. (In a craven case of what's never called "appeasement" bush II abolished the US-American freedoms that the terrorists supposedly hated.) The bat-shit crazy version of the War continues thusly: In the 17th Century, the Ottoman Turks were foiled in their attempted invasion of Central Europe. The Moors had lost Andalusia in the 15th Century. The Muslims have been biding their time since then, hoping to build their strength for a re-match with the forces of Christendom. And now, ... that time has arrived. The Great Battle of Our Time.

Relatively small terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda will form cells and, with enough incompetence on the part of our intelligence services, will occasionally blow up a plane, or a train or a building, and then all of Western Civilization will collapse and the world will be ruled by a New Caliphate in Baghdad. Of course it would be ridiculous to imagine that all it would take to bring the United States and the European powers to their knees is a few explosions! Not even Pam Geller believes that. In addition to the odd terrorist action, Mark Steyn tells us that the millions of Muslims in the Western nations are taking advantage of socialist welfare policies, misguided multicultural tolerance, and the damnable extension of human rights to people who don't deserve it, to gnaw away at Christian civilization from within. The challenge is both demographic and cultural. Eventually the lazy unemployed Muslims (why else would they need social welfare programs to swamp us?) will outnumber us and all of us lefty-fags will find ourselves living under Sharia law. It CAN happen here.

As I said, self-evident nonsense. So what's the progressive spin on things?

Oil. Oil and Empire.

The policy of the USA is to control the oil wealth of the Middle East by arming and supporting conservative dictatorships who will keep the oil flowing on relatively reasonable terms in return for a nice cut of the action themselves. As well, the state of Israel (helped in its early stages by the British, to further their own imperialist aims in the region) is armed and supported to contribute to pro-American "stability" in the region.

I'll finish this tomorrow. I'm busy. Unpaid "citizen journalist" (hah!) and all that.


Beijing York said...

I feel I betray "Christendom" every time I dip into some hummus. It's a yummy betrayal mind you :-)

thwap said...

That's the thin-edge of the pita wedge.

Owen Gray said...

It's all about "the other," thwap.
Rod Serling covered it in a little half hour episode of The Twilight Zone fifty years ago.

He called it "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street." It's justifiably called a classic.

thwap said...

It's all so predictable, but the idiots fall for it every time.

Mogs said...

The largest best funded ans now self funded terrorist organization in the world is the CIA. Also since their inception in the late 1940's after the World War II debacle they have taught and brought terrorism to every part of the world. This has been well documented by numerous sources. Prior to them was the British MI6 and their ilk who taught the CIA in all their devilish work. The CIA expanded and improved the dark arts. They trained Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge one of the most blood thirsty of their pupils. One of their main thrusts is to destabilize any country with leftist leanings in order to preserve the far right's hold on the worlds resources. They do whatever it take to scare a left leaning population from voting left. Murder oppression and mayhem is their MO.

thwap said...


Yep. The USA has no business condemning anybody for doing what it has been doing for decades. It's especially farcical when they condemn the same people they armed and trained when those people turn their arms and training against the USA.