Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garbage Pick-up Woes

Yes! I've finally got the time to talk in detail about the pressing political-economic issues of today. Or something. Whatever.

Actually, I'll just be snotty. That's all an unhinged moonbat leftist such as myself is capable of anyway.

So, the first day of private garbage collection in Toronto wasn't all that auspicious of a debut it seems.
Jim Harnum had warned of “growing pains” delays this week and next as the company’s workers grapple with unfamiliar streets to the east.
“It’s just new. Everything is new,” Harnum said Tuesday afternoon. “There are new operators, new trucks. We cautioned everybody that when you take on 165,000 new houses, it’s not done easily. We knew that it would be slow, and we’ll get better each day — the contractor will get better each day. But it was to be expected, and we didn’t want anyone to have any false hopes that Day 1 would be exactly the same as the last day of in-house operation.”
Now, if I were a right-wing fuck-face (as opposed to a lefty faggot who didn't think Saddam Hussein had WMDs but who does think that global warming is being caused by industrial carbon emissions) I'd genuinely believe whatever glib generalities came into my head.

"If this was the public sector this wouldn't have happened. When your re-election is determined by how well you deliver, you'd take the time to instruct your workforce in all these no-brainer, so-called 'growing pains' long before the first truck rolled out that morning."

"If they had a well-paid, unionized workforce this would never have happened. If your wage is worth it, you'll work much harder and much smarter. This is what you get for treating your workers like shit."

It's a cultural thing. Right now, the hegemony is with the morons who blather about the inherent virtues and perfections of the private sector and who see any and all failure of the public sector as preordained. Just thought I'd take 15 minutes today to swim against the tide.


Beijing York said...

Winnipeg is also experiencing some problems with its newly minted privatized garbage collection services. Were there complaints about garbage collection prior to this change? Not as far as I ever heard or noted. This is a so-called budget saving, efficiency move blah, blah, blah... which also includes changing all the bins used and types of trucks that can handle them. Tell me how this saves money when the city is footing the bill for new equipment and services contracted?

thwap said...

I remember when Mike Harris privatized highway maintenance off of the Ministry of Transport. The Ontario Auditor General said that no money was saved and it might even have cost more to do it through private sector contractors.

The hard-nosed, business-type "conservatives" insisted (with no counter-argument) that the auditor general must be wrong. End of story.

These stupid fucks should just be ignored once they're out of power.

(Pretty much like what is happening to Hudak right now.)