Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Made it All Up

Yep. The "coalition coup" was planned well in advance! There was no reason for it other than a burning lust for power. Also, wanting to know whether we were upholding international law with regards to our transfers of prisoners in Afghanistan was just a smoke-screen to embarrass the harpercon government, national security be damned! And then that "contempt" ruling! Just because Bev Oda falsified documents and lied to Parliament about it and harper wouldn't do anything but utter lies about the costs of his policies, ... there was nothing to any of it! The opposition just wanted power. So what if they were behind in the polls when they made the ruling and forced the election. Us crazed leftists are power-hungry mental deviants.

Last, but not least, we've invented the "robo-call" scandal out of whole cloth. Sure, someone with access to the CIMS database clearly made some fraudulent calls, but that was a lone individual rogue. And that female call-centre employee who says she was told to give bogus information about poll stations moving decided the day after the election that she could get rich if she invented false charges and reported them to the RCMP and Elections Canada. A sure ticket to unending riches. She'd be set for life. But Thank God that her boss says he has recordings of her and that she doesn't do that in the recordings that he says he has. (Thank God Elections Canada let the accused harpercons "review" their own records and tapes 'eh?) And complaints in over 200 ridings across the country? All leftard partisans inventing shit.

Yep. We made it all up. Everything. One desperate power-grab after another. Because we're crazy. And evil. And we pathologically hate harper.

Okay. Enough sarcasm. Right-wingers, ... not everyone is like you. And praise the lawd fer that! The world would be an even more sickening place if that were the case.


Owen Gray said...

They have all followed Dr. Goebbels advice, thwap. Repeat the lie enough, and people will swear that it's true.

thwap said...

They all share Goebbels' racist, incompetent mental make-up. Delusion and cruelty, mixed up together.