Thursday, August 23, 2012

Progressive Patriot: The War on Terror Part II

The way to grow a blog's readership is to post frequently so that there's always something new when bored people click in to waste some more time. But, obviously, I ain't doing that. This whole online world is starting to leave me kinda cold. Oh well, not going to give up the ghost just yet ...

Last time, I introduced the right-wing shit-for-brains concept of "The War on Terror[ism]". I was going to articulate the progressive's view on the issues involved but I had other stuff to do so I stopped.

So, I'm doing it now. The "War on Terror" is really about:

Imperialism: The only terrorism that really gets US-Americans excited is from the Arab world. This is because the USA wants to control the Arabs' oil. Full stop.

Control: The point of states of permanent war is to control people. "We have always been at war with East Asia." It's to turn off people's brains and get them to jerk off to the idea of the military and to keep them scared about stuff. After the titanic levels of propagandistic fraud that we saw in the Cold War, you'd think we'd be smarter this time around. No such fucking luck 'eh?

So, what's a progressive to do?

Call for the Rule of Law and Human Rights. "First they came for the terrorists." The "War on Terror" is being used to simultaneously shred our human and democratic rights and to increase the government's power to spy, to torture, to conduct illegal wars and commit war crimes. Again, all for the purposes of control.

What about that Sharia Law? What about it? I hope all religions die a quick and sudden death. But I'm not going to make common cause with the Christian sect of the Universal Church of Idiotic Delusions against the Islamic sect. Matter of fact, the thing that's going to make more Muslims into intolerant fanatics is the targeting of their faith by states governed by cynical power-mongers and their deluded, nit-wit Jesus-freak supporters. We're in no danger of having the "Islamo-fascists" take over and rob me of my bacon-lovers' pizza or my porno. Despite what chicken-hawk fuck-faces like Mark Steyn want to scare you into thinking.

I don't know. I got to get back to work. I guess the progressive position on the war on terrorism is that we on the left aren't fucking idiots, you know?


Simon said...

hi Thwap...Thanks for that. Now that I know that the Islamists aren't coming after my bacon pizza I can sleep better at night. Because it's my favourite kind eh? But seriously, don't give up the ghost. I know what you mean about the on line world, I'm feeling the same way. And as for blogging, it comes and goes with the seasons. And now isn't one of them. It's still summer and that's all that counts. When the winter comes, and the Cons reveal their budget, the capitalist crows come home to roost, Israel attacks Iran, and Mitt Romney becomes President, we'll all have more to write about. Now back to summer.... :)

thwap said...

Hah! Thanks Simon. I've been trying to network in the 3-d world, but it's frustratingly slow.

The online culture isn't totally useless, but virtual glaring and boycotting is nothing like real, 3-d resistance.