Wednesday, April 29, 2015

C-51 Hearing: Question About Info-Sharing

harpercon MP Rick Norlock finishes his questioning by asking RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson a question about information sharing between his agency and Citizenship and Immigration: 
    For my next question, Commissioner Paulson can comment. On Friday we heard Commissioner Paulson, who came before the committee, and we viewed the tape, of course, of the murderer of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. During the question and answer period, he indicated that he was able to receive passport information and that in this particular case the information sharing was sufficient.

    Could you tell us through which mechanism that would have occurred and some of the gaps that this legislation closes with regard to information sharing?

    Mr. Chair, going back to Friday, I would want to claim the discussion on that was around Mr. Garrison's suggestion that the collection of evidence that would have led to this imaginary charge that I put forward in my comments around had Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau not been killed, we would have charged him, was in the post-event collection of information and not in the real exchange of information. Once the act took place, of course, everybody was happy to share information and the information was flowing rather well. I think that, hopefully, clarifies. 

It doesn't clarify for me how Citizenship & Immigration is already able to deny passports to people seeking to join the fundamentalist rebels in Syria at the present without this legislation.

But I did realize that our federal police service is run by a guy named Bob (Robert) Paulson. That's kind of a hoot.
"He has a name. His name is Robert Paulson."

Well, that's all the blogging you fuckers are gonna get outta me today! I'm off to jail. (Maybe.) I'll leave you with some musical entertainment ...


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