Sunday, April 12, 2015

That Oil Spill

I got nothing to say about it that Alison at Creekside didn't already say, except that the brilliance of closing coast guard stations and marine traffic control centers, in a place where you plan on increasing oil tanker traffic is just typical harpercon thinking, through and through.

Closing necessary services to afford useless tax-cuts for the wealthy? That's been standard operating procedure in Canada for decades now.

But just stack this up beside making veterans with amputated limbs fill out forms every year saying their conditions haven't changed, ... heck, put it down with the illegal wars, complicity in torture, STASI-North, contempt of Parliament, election fraud, Patrick Brazeau, the useless census, ... the F-35, shameless racism, ... on and on it goes with this pack of scum and their nit-wit, deluded followers.


greg said...

Hello again.

I have nothing to say.

I tried.

thwap said...

Me neither.
Me too.