Friday, April 10, 2015

Have You Ever Met Anyone Truly Scared The "Islamicists" Will Take Over?

Remember how a lot of US-Americans in the 1950's genuinely thought that Kremlin-controlled commies were going to try to take over their country?

How much more laughable is it for people to believe that Muslim fundamentalists are going to try to take over their countries?

Sure, it's rational to be afraid of random bombs. But the death-toll from their terrorism doesn't even approach the numbers killed by neo-liberalism!

I really don't understand how some people can be so stupid.


Scotian said...

This is one of those points you and I are entire complete and utter agreement. I find this idea that the "Mooselims" are out to take over the world and are infiltrating their fifth columns all around me a bit hard to take. As you said, random/occasional acts of terrorism, sure, that is a real fear, especially now that we are involved in a major unsanctioned internationally military campaign however one views it, but along the lines of the old Red Scare of the Cold War, not even close, and even that feels like a massive underselling of just how far apart the two are in truth to me.

thwap said...

It's enough to make one think they're more intelligent than some other people, .. isn't it?

Scotian said...

Part of the problem though when in such situations is not letting it warp your own sense of self in the process, it is a sweet seductive trap and one so easy to fall into. Especially when given such opportunities as these folks provide.