Saturday, April 11, 2015

harper Can't Do Anything

More and more embarrassing stuff is going to emerge during the Duffy trial.

This is going to be the drip, drip, drip of scandal and sleaze that will really hamper harper's attempt to steal the next election.

harper couldn't call an election sooner. Oil prices were in the basement and he couldn't even produce a budget. he was just going to have to hope that everything fixed itself by October. Place all his hopes for political resurrection on his wars in Iraq and Syria. Unfortunately for him, it seems a majority of Canadians aren't enamoured of the idea of more open-ended contributions to yet another conflict with dreadful allies and no coherent outcome.

And so, the mighty stephen harper, the arrogant, cynical, lying psychopath, is being forced to endure what must, for him, be unendurable. his whole sleazy political life is being put on display and there's nothing he can do about it. People are angrily responding to one display of cynicism and corruption after another, and harper will try to go on foreign trips to escape having to comment himself, but that won't matter come October.

You can bet that for a guy who wants to always be in control, this is torture. For a guy who can't stand having to face up to reality, this is excruciating. How long can an emotionally fragile, not-too-bright, irredeemable coward stand this strain? How long before he cracks-up?

Do you think he'll resign? Force the party to go to the polls under Jason Kenney? (Or something?)

Weep for us harper! Weep into that pillow big guy!

(Note: The above image was by far the most interesting image result from a search for "drip of scandal.")

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