Monday, April 20, 2015

GBWT = Great Bullshit War on Terror

I've been using the acronym GBWT recently, and I always feel obliged to remind people that it stands for "Great Bullshit War on Terror." So this entry is going to have the Labels "GBWT" and "Great Bullshit War on Terror" to serve as the explanation whenever I use the acronym in the future.

The War on Terror is bullshit because the problem is relatively minuscule. For instance, recall that stephen harper once embraced Michael Hudak and Rob Ford at a picnic of right-wing psychopaths as being fellow members of a "conservative" political movement. If one adds up the people killed freezing on the streets from homelessness, drinking tainted tap water, dying because of over-crowded emergency rooms, poisoned by tainted meat, killed from runaway trains of oil tankers, or killed as CF members in useless foreign wars, ... one can clearly see that these fucking asshole "conservatives" are a bigger danger to most Canadians than are the terrorists.

The main exporter of Islamic terrorism is Saudi Arabia. Pakistan might be second. The other Arab monarchies are also financiers and supporters of radical Sunni warriors. They're US allies too. The USA's foreign policies have given these Sunni fighters lots of combat experience, access to weapons and places to establish themselves as local powers. Doesn't it seem strange that so many US allies would be exporting terrorists and that the US would be subverting secular dictatorships when that was providing opportunities for Islamic radicals to grow in power?

The War on Terror supposedly makes our constitutional rights and freedoms, including privacy, freedom of speech and freedom from arbitrary search and seizure to be luxuries that we can't afford. Un-stupid people see that logic as the definition of Orwellian. This is a manufactured state of permanent war. And it is being used to chip away at our freedoms in order to stifle dissent and to harass and incapacitate opponents of capitalist inhumanity.

For these, and many other reasons, I refer to the War on Terror as the "Great Bullshit War on Terror."

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