Monday, January 23, 2012

Gingrich Upsets Romney in North Carolina Primary

And I couldn't give a flying fuck about it. Matt Taibbi has confessed to enjoying the low comedy of the North Carolina primary, but I'm still in the same mood he was in on January 3rd at the beginning of the Iowa primary. This is a stupid, meaningless waste of time. This is a pointless contest between corporatist scum, validated by the participation of morons and hypocrites. The Repugs will choose one of their shithead Wall Street shills and that shithead will go shithead-to-shithead against the nauseating Barack Obama to see who can (by hook or crook) wrest a majority of the the votes of the people who still bother to vote in that useless, sick joke of a "democracy."

Let's remember a couple of things people: Despite what the braying jackasses of the right-wing believe, this recession is still in business and it was brought to us by the same neoliberals who today vow to starve us to health. Also, global warming is caused by human behavior and it will destroy civilization as we know it.

Oh yeah, last thing: Rob -lying coward -Ford is trying to lose some of his 330 lbs. "Cut the Waist." Ha-ha-ha. I don't fucking care about that either. I want that useless tub of shit to resign and leave public life forever. I don't care if he becomes a male anorexic or balloons to 1,000 lbs and becomes bed-ridden. I just want that fat lying sonofabitch to get the fuck out of my life.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Brightened up my day and has me still smiling. Just wish glorious leader Harper had somehow been invited to the party. Dave

thwap said...


Glad it helped. All I hope to do is make a few progressives feel a little lighter about the hell we're all trapped in.