Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Country Has Turned To Shit

Latest example: The anti-Canadian, oil-puppet, anti-democracy asshole stephen harper has refused to compensate Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin for their having been tortured by the monstrous Syrian government at Canada's behest.

As a result, these three CANADIAN CITIZENS are forced to sue the Canadian government to have to obtain justice.

harper has been fighting them every step of the way. (What with being a contemptible piece of garbage after all.) And now, Canada's cowardly Supreme Court has decided that
the job security of the various politicians and desk-jockey super spies "national security" concerns trump the rights of Canadians who were tortured for months (almost TWO YEARS in Almalki's case) as a result of the actions of government agents. These men and their lawyers can't obtain the government information about the Canuckistan Eichmanns who condemned them to a living hell in Syria.

This is all fine and jim-dandy for Canada. There's been more news about an Italian cruise ship accident than there's been any reflection on the shitty uselessness of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms in preserving our human dignity as Canadian citizens. (This is par for the course. When these men first presented the Prime Minister's Office with a petition calling for an inquiry into their torture, the top story as chosen by our "independent" news media that day was about a "Tim Horton's" employee fired for giving a timbit to a customer's child.) As well, the same sort of right-wing ignoramuses who swallow the blatant lies of the harpercons hook, line and sinker, will also rationalize torture by saying that being Muslim, these guys were natural suspects (which is idiotic) and they will still harbour suspicions about these guys even though the Syrians weren't able to beat anything out of them.

We have a government of thieves and liars and inhuman scum, elected by the most repulsively ignorant, inhuman, stupid, racist and greedy voters. I will say it again: I do not recognize the authority of the harpercon government. They are criminals and they do not respect the institutions that they base their own authority on.


Beijing York said...

To quote commentator Chabal on the CBC Ottawa news site:

"A shameful, cowardly dereliction of duty by the Supreme Court. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should, impinge, supersede, or override our constitutional rights."

thwap said...

I wonder why the Supreme Court justices couldn't grasp that simple point???