Saturday, January 7, 2012

One of harper's Senate Appointments

So, harper the un-Canadian racist corporate stooge homophobic sexist war criminal appointed some people to the Senate.

One of them was Ottawa police chief Vernon White. You know, ... the guy who cleaned house within the Ottawa Police Service, expelling all the scum-bag pigs who got their jollies from torturing (mostly female) prisoners?

Oh, wait a second, White actually did sweet fuck all while his pigs ran wild.

And for that non-action, he gets rewarded with a plum patronage appointment.

Because our political elites are contemptible vermin.

Just like with lying Toronto police chief Bill Blair, covering for his lying boss, lying, crying, farting Mayor Rob Ford, saying that Ford didn't call 911 operators "fucking bitches" for not sending a response fast enough to his house. The CBC ombudsman says that their reporting of Ford's abusiveness was sound. To which Toronto Police Service spokesperson said ....

... well nothing important anyway. I don't see the need to repeat their stupid lies here.

Blair will say any stupid thing that comes into his head and Rob Ford's whole career is based on blatant lying.

What these walking, talking pieces-of-shit need to realize is that past misdeeds (abetting torture, contempt for parliament, lying, lying, lying) eventually have repercussions. These institutions and positions don't magically impart respect to their occupants. That has to be earned.

And they've lost it.


Jymn said...

Well said.

thwap said...

Everything they do sinks them further and further into irrelevance.

Beijing York said...

If only the voting public would catch on. With luck, our youth will find a political voice and undo this damage.

thwap said...

I'm doing my best to corrupt as many young minds as I can.